Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Pretty patchwork.

I seldom wear jeans, but this skinny Asos pair, £30, could break me of that habit:

Image Source: Asos

Properly skinny (I hate all these skinny jeans that come up baggy), in a delicate spring shade, and individualised with patchwork detailing  -  so desirable.


LoliTa said...

ooh yes i agree! i'm so attached to leggings though!


Margaret said...

Haha - not creepy at all :) appreciated - following you too!
glad you like the blog
great blog you have here as well: love this post: i hate it when i can't find skinny skinny skinny jeans :) xx

Glam Girl said...

I love this pair of jeans! Skinny jeans are my favorite!


Izzen said...

Haha, glad someone understands my dilemma.

And I'm fundamentally a leggings girl myself, LoliTa!

Also, cute blog, Glam Girl.

supercalifragilisticespiallidocious said...

ooo loove those jeanns ! and yeaah i hate skinny jeans that come out all baggy . hahaha !