Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Education, Education, Education.

So, I finally watched An Education the other day (such a great film) and I've just been dreaming about the fashion / beauty / general aesthetics of it since:

Image Source: Sony Classics

I want to pretend to be French again and run away to Paris, dwelling in French jazz bars, hair pinned up, mouth red, pallor porcelain, feet adorned with an elegant heel, frame draped with refulgent jacquard dresses.

Paris, je t'aime; je vais revenir bientôt, je te promets.


burcu d. said...

nice movie....miss paris, too!

Terezka.S said...

Oh this film was so stylish! I love it's costumes and their perfect blend of feminine beauty and chic...

well done!

.sarah .brown said...