Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Latest lust-have.

If anybody feels the urge to buy me a present any time soon, please look no further than these truly beautiful and utterly mesmerising Alexander McQueen digital jellyfish-print leggings, £375:

Image Source: Net-a-Porter

If my size is still available in a month's time, I'm so buying these with the next student loan instalment  -  I'll just live off cereal and miso soup for a few weeks, no big deal.


Sarah said...

love them!

Cherie said...

Those would look amazing with so many things... very outside-the-box, you know?

kathrynnova said...
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Izzen said...

Yeah, Cherie - you could wear them with massive fuck-off heels, a little silk vest and a leather jacket or just flats and a plain tunic for a more toned-down look. Those are just a couple of initial ideas, but the possibilities are endless!

And kathrynnova, great to hear that someone understands the madness.

Le Jardin said...

there amazing

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