Monday, 23 August 2010

Lady Dragons.

Considering that I work at Selfridges, I thought it was about time I visited the much talked about Shoe Galleries. So, I went for a wander during my lunch hour and lusted over the Louboutins, cooed over the Choos, yet mantained an affection solely from afar due to currently completely unattainable price tag.

However, in the Velvet and Glass gallery, I came across the Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon shoes, £110, in all their wondrous jellified glory. Now, my only issue is deciding between the following delicious colour combinations:


Emma said...

hey, great choice... I own these in the blue and white!
I'm new to blogging and was looking around some sites and stumbled along yours, I really love both your blog and sense of style.
I just created xx

Izzen said...

Cheers for the follow! Following you back.

Love everything you've featured, including the Gleek glory!