Sunday, 1 August 2010

I like masks.

Especially these Vanessa Tugendhaft bracelets, available at Kabiri:

Made from 18k yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and set with white and black pavĂ© diamonds, these bracelets (all the same size, despite picture discrepancy) are truly stunning. Stand-out yet subtle, unique yet classic  -  perfect combinations, surely?

Also, I have my heart set on the rose gold necklace version, complete with a single white diamond:

Somebody... pretty, pretty please?


Nav said...

those are all amazing, i love the necklace one too, so cute!


kendal croix. said...

those are just too darn cute.

CoCo said...

i love your blog..
check out mine at
would love to know what you think xx

Izzen said...

Thanks, guys! Nav and CoCo, love your blogs.