Monday, 5 April 2010

Get some gloves!

I adore the romantic neutrals of this season (especially when worn with Doc Martens or massive goth boots from Camden Market to toughen up the look) in addition to underwear as outerwear. However, nobody (well, almost nobody) wants to look like a sheep in their sartorial efforts, which can happen if everything you're wearing is straight out of the latest Topshop ad campaign. This is where the importance of accessorising becomes evident and so, for spring / summer '10 as well as next season, I am favouring the glove  -  that's the purely ornamental kind, mind you. Cornelia James, official glove manufacturer for the Queen, is the only brand to turn to when in search of such a garment. See some of the designs below:

Short black lace gloves, £35. Image taken from W, March 2009. Also available in ecru, pink and dark blue.
Image Source: Cornelia James

Elbow-length lace gloves, £38. Image taken from Look, June 2009. Also available in pink, black and dark blue.
Image Source: Cornelia James

Delicate pink lace gloves, £32.50. Image taken from The Sunday Times Style Magazine, October 2008. 
Image Source: Cornelia James 

Image Source: Harper's Bazaar (US) online

Perfect for making a statement at parties, no?


Anonymous said...

Wow, really nice gloves. So pretty!


lauren baluyo said...

I'd love to own a pair of gloves like that! Great image choice.


Cherie said...

I love those gloves.. actually I've been looking for lace gloves. Hmm. Weird.