Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Boudoir beauty.

Just thought I would share a two pieces of boudoir beauty. Firstly, I give you Dior ‘Creme de Rose’ Lip Balm SPF 10, £19:

 Image Source: Escentual

A slightly ridiculous amount to pay for a lip balm, granted, but this product really leaves lips super-soft and smells divinely of rose due to the precious damask rose essential oil ingredient. Plus the packaging is absolutely gorgeous, no? So simple, so chic, so French.

Next up is Paul and Joe Body Milk, £25. Initially striking is the beautiful box bottle the product comes in, followed by the bottle itself, complete with an ornate gold-tone top. When applied, the product has a delicate scent, absorbs quickly, and  -  enriched with avocado oil, almond oil, and honey  -   moisturises intensely.

 Image Source: Bohemia Design

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agnes said...

mmm love all Neo-classical allusion, which this packaging is Klassy