Saturday, 27 February 2010

Dakota's all grown up!

For some reason, I've always had a soft spot for Dakota Fanning ever since I saw her in that Friends episode; she's just always seemed extremely mature and intelligent for her age. However, despite the many years that have passed since Friends / War of the Worlds, I still seemed to believe she was no more than about 10 years-old until I saw this month's issue of Italian Vogue. Now 16 years-old, this girl seems to be the new Emma Watson  -  from child star to total chic:



Images Source: Italian Vogue

Don't you just love those bold eyebrows and that mermaid plait?


Rae said...

Just found your blog! Love the post! I can't believe Dakota Fanning is 16! And I love her eyebrows in these photos!! Follow/visit my blog!!!


Izzen said...

Thanks for the comment. Your blog is so cool! Love the content and the little extra features. Following you; care to follow me back?

Snackapeek. said...

Great Dakota photoshoot. Love the choice of B&W. Very nice blog. Come visit :)