Sunday, 6 February 2011

Ubiquity of baby pink.

Just thought I'd share this passage from an insightful article by Colin McDowell in The Sunday Times Style regarding the spring / summer '11 couture collections. This particular excerpt focuses on the widespread nature of baby pink in the collections, namely in Chanel but also in many other houses  -  refer to previous posts:

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"Pastel pinks are too girlie for modern young women who buy their own clothes, but it is a shrewd choice for a collection created to be bought by men for women of a certain age (no woman uses her own money to buy couture), with their worrying hairstyles and make-up like a mask, snuggling into expensive furs. We catch occasional glimpses of them in the ritzier parts of London, but in Paris, they’re everywhere. And for these women and their men, the outrageously obvious, even crude bow to femininity that baby pink brings is absolutely in character with the part played by the wife or mistress of a rich, powerful man. Let us put aside our reservations, however, and instead admire Lagerfeld not only for understanding this market, but for meeting its needs so consummately".

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