Tuesday, 7 September 2010

McQueen. C'est tout.

Recently, I purchased this Alexander McQueen ring  -  made of gold-tone brass, enamel, and Swarovski crystals  -   as a sort of "well-done-for-working-all-summer-and-not-killing-anybody" present to myself:

It cost too much, it was utterly frivolous, and now I won't be able to afford food for a while, but hey, that's fashion. The important thing is that I love it and will wear it for years to come, and with pretty much anything to boot. Some of the people I know hate the ring because they think it's too morbid, but the conflation of death and nature in all its beauty in the ring strikes me as a celebration of life rather than an obsession with death.


Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

I don't like skulls usually but I actually think this is beautiful. Don't worry, I once bought too many shoes and just tried not to grocery shop for 2 weeks, haha. Shouldn't admit that but I still ate!

ScarlettMiss said...

Darling, you know my thoughts already. Fabulous and appalling, and potentially hideous on anyone but you...XXX

Rose said...

that ring is so sick!

Izzen said...

ScarlettMiss, I think you should have a marriage with me already... xxxxxxxxxx

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McQueen the genius.

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