Thursday, 21 January 2010

Bargain of the week.

So, I was walking back from a meeting with a tutor when I spotted a pair of tall black Knightsbridge Ugg boots in the Oxfam window, in my size, in a perfectly decent condition, and priced at only £39.99  -  RRP: £225! As an Ugg fan (I already own the short classic chocolate boots and a Love From Australia pair), I had to buy them, no?

Image Source: Ugg

Some of you may deplore of such a monstrosity, complaining about how mainstream / fugly the Ugg boot is or some such. However, the fact is I really don't care. These boots are ridiculously comfy, dispel any numbness brought about by icy stone pavements, and yet must have some aesthetic appeal, considering that they're hardly on the same level as the hideous yet tactilely pleasing (or so I hear) Crocs. Besides, if they're good enough for supermodel, Miranda Kerr, girlfriend of Orlando Bloom, then they're good enough for me:


In-tree-gue said...

I'm not much of an Ugg fan but I like these black ones

Barbora said...

For that price???Would do the same!

I'm following you hon, visit & follow me too:)
"fashionably tasteful.have a bite"

Izzen said...

Thanks for the comments, guys. Following you now, Barbora.

mila said...

I don't really like Uggs, but Miranda Kerr is GORGEOUS! And so is orlando bloom......:))

will u follow me? Please?:)

emily brooks said...

write morrreeeeee
i love reading you're blogg!!
you're now being followedd :)

Izzen said...

Thanks, Mila and Emily - I'll be sure to follow you both asap.