Monday, 29 December 2008


So I hit the post-Christmas sales the other day for the first time in my life. Selfridges was my shop of choice, and I just happened to go on Boxing Day, which turned out to be insane. There was a queue that lasted the length of the entire shop (and round the corner) just to get into Gucci. Hence why I usually avoid such sales, but the recessional discounts were just too tempting.

Here's a set of Princesse Tam-Tam underwear I snapped up for just £20:

Image source: Princesse Tam-Tam

Amongst other things, I managed to grab some Guerlain Golden Lash Mascara Top Coat (at the minuscule price of £5). This stuff is genius - use on the tips after black mascara for some subtle glamour or apply several coats to bare lashes for an ethereal look.

Image source: Kaboodle


0amybaby0 said...

Hey is 0amybaby0 from Cosmopolitan forums.
Thanks for the great tips, i will definatly follow them in future.

Take care sweetie x

Izzen said...

Thanks for your support! Glad to be of help. If you'd like a post explaining any other particular make-up trick, please don't hesitate to ask.